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Bell County Jail

Bell County Jail

The Bell County Jail is like most County Jails in the United States. The main purpose of the Bell County Jail is to punish inmates for crimes of which they have been found guilty. However, in addition to punishment, prisons attempt to rehabilitate prisoners and prevent them from committing further crimes.

Although many prisoners re-offend and eventually return to prisons, many do not. Those that take advantage of the many programs offered by prisons are far less likely to return to a life of crime.

In addition to educational services, most county jails such as the Bell County Jail, offer inmates the opportunity to attend counseling to get to the root causes of their criminal behavior. There may be individualized counseling, as well as group counseling for issues such as drug addiction, anger management and spousal abuse. The goal of counseling is to help inmates realize their potential to enjoy a better quality of life, while avoiding drugs and alcohol, as well as criminal activity.

In addition to educational and counseling services, the Bell County Jail allows prisoners to take part in practicing the religion of their choosing. In fact the Bell County Jail allows prisoners to attend services and speak with religious leaders.

Many of the programs offered through the Bell County Jail to inmates, allow inmates to explore the opportunity to lead a more positive life.

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